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We keep track of our customer's needs and try to improve according to their preferences, offering a great return of investment on all our services. Even if it's a tough issue, we will handle it. We use the most reliable equipment because our customer's satisfaction comes first. Our goal is to serve you, our clients, the best way possible.

Water-Fed Pole Window Cleaning

Water-fed pole window cleaning uses the latest technology in pure water cleaning which has revolutionised the industry over recent years.

Pole fed window cleaning with de-ionised filtered water has reduced the need for traditional cleaning methods, which were usually performed from a ladder. The result is an effective and safer delivery of service without leaving the ground.

At Perfect Panes Window we use the latest systems which provide us with only pure, filtered water to achieve perfect results. The soft bristle brush removes dirt particles and smears on the glass whilst the pure water can be left to dry naturally without leaving water stains. This technique also means windows stay clean for longer, as there is no soap residue to mix with rain and create stains later.

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